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Articles about Artist

The Truth of Sergey Kirillov’s History. Russian Bulletin, 8th of June 2007(06/08/2007)

The painting of Sergey Kirillov indicates that the the fortunes of the world history are solved not within the “vanity fairs” of summits, presentations and press-conference, but in the souls of devotees and heros… Sergey Kirillov logically appeals to the creators of our great power: Saint Olga, Saint Sergius of Radonezh, Saint Dmitry Donskoi, Tsar Ivan IV Vasilyevich….The artist has created big portrait series of politicians and military figures. What a spiritual beauty of faces, what high predestination of these people destinies reveals the brush of the artist.

Exhibitions. The storyline was suggested by the soul. Country life, 20-2 6th of May 2004, #37(05/20/2004)

For a month the painting exhibition of Honoured Artist of the Russia Sergey Kirillov took place in the museum of Alexandrov, the one which is located on the ancient Vladimir land (region).

From Stepan Razin to the textbook. Moskovskii Komsomolets, 16th of January 2003(01/16/2003)

Russian History in “New Manege”. Yesterday in the exhibit room “New Manege” an art exhibition of The Honoured Artist of Russia Sergey Kirillov was opened. This exhibition is devoted to the greatest historical figures and politicians of Russia.

The history, looking from the canvas. "The world of the history" Magazine. #1, February 2001(02/01/2001)

Conversation with The Honorary Artist of Russia Sergei Kirillov.

If at present time the historians succeed in finding something new in the past, it means that the artist can find something new too…He must find. All the more to say that since the time of Nesterov and Korin a huge gap in this area has appeared.

A. Preobrazhensky. History and the Artist. The historic and artistic album "Images of Russian History". 1996(01/02/1996)

Sergei Kirillov's art exemplifies har¬mony between painting and history. This is why his works have occupied a place of honour in school textbooks, next to paintings by such great masters as V.Surikov, I.Repin, and V.Vasnetsov.

V. Pogodin. Painting History. The historic and artistic album "Images of Russian History". 1996(01/03/1996)

It was only a few years ago that the Russian media first spotlighted a new bright name - the artist Sergei Kirillov, whose work is fully dedicated to Russian history. After some time we can rightfully say that the artist's resonant success was not accidental or transient. Since then, he has held eleven one-man shows. His paintings illustrate history textbooks and other serious papers on history; press coverage continues, his shows still draw crowds, and - perhaps, most significantly, -he creates new exciting canvases that make experts regard the artist as a mature historic painter.